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Is DRIVER RETENTION important to you?

Morning routines have experienced quite the shake up in 2020. For many, the workplace changed from an office desk to the chaos of a dining room table.

For clients of DriverFacts®, we’ve made mornings a little easier. With the DriverFacts® instant and daily Morning Report™ for Recruiting and Retention, carriers are notified of recruitable drivers and current drivers who may potentially be leaving your company. The Morning Report is customizable to match the needs of a carrier, providing data interpretation that leads to solutions.

Would your recruiting team like to have a list of rehireable drivers? The Morning Report will deliver a list of your previously separated drivers whom left under good circumstances that are out looking again. All you need to do now is call the driver and invite them to rejoin your team.

Let’s talk retention. You spent at least $8,000 per driver to hire and train them. Wouldn’t you like it if you could know before they leave? We have the tool. The Morning Report will provide you with the details on your current drivers that have applied to other carriers. Even better, we can send an instant text if a current driver has been searched on by another carrier or someone looking to hire the driver away from you. You can pick up the phone, call the driver, and have a conversation about their grievances and how you can help fix them. Now you’ve prevented the loss of a driver and possibly an abandoned load.

Remember, these reports are customizable to your company needs. For example, the Morning Recruiting Report can be grouped by terminal managers, driver codes, or even a driver rating system if you use one. Need more details before you contact the driver? Just ask.

At DriverFacts®, we work for you. We care about providing data that analyzes, shows solutions, and presents the facts. Let us help you simplify your entire day. The Morning Report™ enables you to get ahead of your Recruiting and Retention- you’ll know from DriverFacts® before you’re surprised by a driver.

So keep things simple. Start your day with the Morning Report. At DriverFacts®, we believe that there’s always a better solution.

Give us a call at (888) 844-4730 x804 to discuss your future success with DriverFacts®.


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