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Get Ahead When it Comes to Driver Retention

You don’t need be a futurist to see if a driver is taking steps to leave your company. The Morning Report from DriverFacts is the must-have tool that enables you to see if drivers are considering leaving your company, giving you the opportunity to keep them on board.

What is the DriverFacts Morning Report and why do I need it?

In a nutshell: The Morning Report enables carriers to stay one step ahead in your recruitment and retention efforts by keeping you informed instantly and/or daily when current drivers are exploring new job opportunities. Created in 2001, the Morning Report is the original and still the best report available. This invaluable resource is included in DriverFacts’ service at no additional fee.

How does it work?

With the Morning Report, you’ll get notifications via email and/or text whenever one of your drivers is searched by other carriers. This allows you to connect with that driver before they leave your company and start a discussion encouraging them to stay.

“We find the Morning Report to be very useful, particularly within our operations group,” says Brad Hart, vice president of safety for Knight Transportation, a DriverFacts client. “There are times where an active driver is listed and the terminal staff is able to have a conversation with the driver before leaving to save their job.”

Did you catch that? Using the Morning Report saves drivers from leaving, saving your company money and the time it takes to recruit and train a new driver. Carriers are using the Morning Report to maintain and grow their driving team.

What about rehires?

Rehires can be a great way to fill your trucks with qualified drivers. The Morning Report is a powerful recruiting tool as well and provides a list of drivers who left under good circumstances. You’ll be able to see when these drivers are looking for a new job again and reach out. The grass wasn’t so green on the other side and they may be interested in coming back.

“It helps remind our various teams of the rehire potential with those who have left,” Brad adds. “We can see them applying to other jobs and if they are someone we want back, that initiates a call to them.” Just consider the Morning Report your no-charge recruiting and retention tool.

Can reports be customized?

Yes! DriverFacts customizes the experience for each of our clients according to their needs. Customizing, which is offered at no additional charge, may include: reports organized by terminal managers, driver codes, recruiters or other data you might need to contact a driver. The report is then automatically distributed to those who need to act quickly on the opportunity. If you need additional insight, we can provide in-depth analysis with spreadsheet capability so you can monitor activity 24/7.

Any other resources to know about?

DriverFacts also provides you with other intelligence reporting including which carriers are searching on your drivers, Clearinghouse processing, D&A management system and more.

To find out more about the value DriverFacts offers your business, connect with us today.


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