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We're here to answer your questions.

If you’re looking for a specific portal, need to verify employment, or need to reset your password, you’ll find the link you need below. You may direct specific inquiries to the appropriate department using this form, and our customer service team is available by phone if you need to connect with someone live and local.

Have you lost your password?
Please try our automated password retrieval tool first, before contacting us. 

Click here to retrieve a lost password.

Are you a verifier needing to verify employment?
Click here to set up an account.

Are you a driver looking to submit a Request for Correction (RFC) or Rebuttal?
You can do so quickly and easily here on our DriverPortal homepage. You can learn more about the DriverPortal here.

Do you need to speak with someone?
Customer Service (888) 844-4730    x82

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