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SMARTSystem shows there's even more to love about being a DriverFacts client.

Our quick report order system provides a fast way to run employment history reports for Recruiting departments. SMARTSystem prefills information when keying to prevent having to retype data reducing search time and errors.


Our SMART PSP system has built in proprietary analytics that incorporates results from the CDLIS and searches multiple name combinations giving you greater chances of returning a result and discovering more information about the driver while only charging you for one report.


You can choose to view the PSP as is or you can opt to utilize the Vigillo converter.

Driver reports can be searched simply with the SSN and are organized by report type, status, or time. Reports can also be shared with other recruiters to avoid pulling duplicate reports, saving your department money.


Even better, we don't require minimum reports for an order - ever.


You can find work history reports, CDLIS, MVR, PSP, and criminal reports all in one place with our SMARTSystem - just another benefit of being a DriverFacts member.

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