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Prospective Employer Requests


"We thought our old system worked well, but compared to DriverFacts, it was

totally archaic."

— Swift Transportation

Eliminate boxes of paperwork and get back to pulling freight.

With our third-party administrative service, carriers can outsource the time consuming DOT work history requests that distract Human Resources/Safety departments from higher priority tasks. We eliminate the stacks of paper and full inboxes with automated responses to prospective employers while creating an electronic record of every transaction documenting who, what and when.


When DriverFacts handles your requests, you'll receive instant ROI - you'll reclaim your valuable time while easily achieving DOT compliance. Our highly trained customer support representatives are easily accessible and located in the United States.

Receive Instant ROI

Relieve your staff from processing incoming requests by eliminating inefficient phone calls, paperwork, and administrative headaches.

Enjoy discounted reports for your recruiting department.


Stop spending your resources every time a former driver looks for a new position.