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Drug & Alcohol


Let's clear the air on the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse.

The federally mandated Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse is officially in effect.  Is your fleet prepared for the new reporting and requesting requirements?

Here at DriverFacts, we are dedicated to making your transition into the Clearinghouse smooth and completely worry-free. As a third-party administrator (TPA), we are ready to manage and conduct your annual and additional queries into the Clearinghouse for each of your drivers.

In addition, with our D&A Manager, we are prepared to report violations into the Clearinghouse for you.


At this time, the Clearinghouse will not be integrated with any system or ATS. Clearinghouse queries will be run by batch with a tab delimited format or manually entered. When your driver data is with DriverFacts, we can process driver queries and reporting for you, saving you time and shortening your to-do list.


Carriers can download additional information and details on the Clearinghouse here.    

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