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Our New Feature Makes Processing Work History Requests Faster & Easier - No Extra Charge!

In response to the need for simplified electronic document uploads, DriverFacts® has moved quickly to create a new feature to our website to improve the processing of requesting previous employer work histories. DriverFacts® customers now have the option to easily upload driver releases electronically in order to obtain the driver work history they need. You can drag and drop the driver’s release into the DriverFacts® site and the system will send it over to be reviewed and processed. As an upload option, this feature is useful if you don’t have fax capabilities or access to secure email.

The drag and drop feature will be deployed to the same screen and system customers currently use at no additional charge. Just click on the "Upload PDF Release" button. A bar code page is no longer needed. Carriers who would like access to the new feature can simply contact DriverFacts® via phone or email to request it.

Carriers have been quick to praise DriverFacts® for creating this custom product to fill such a pressing need saying, “Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly. I like it…much easier and faster."

Hiring qualified truck drivers is especially crucial today as the industry works to keep the supply chain connected for essential goods. Efficiently processing pre-employment documentation is more important than it’s ever been. DriverFacts® is here to support you whether your team is working remotely or in the office.

For more information on the new drag and drop feature or other ways DriverFacts® can help improve the efficiency of your HR, Recruiting and Safety Departments, connect with us today.


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