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Custom solutions from DriverFacts offer instant ROI, saving carriers time and money

We understand that your time is valuable. The more of it you spend on compliance paperwork, phone calls and processes, the less you have to focus on safety and freight. DriverFacts brings custom solutions to motor carriers like yours to save you both time and money.

For over 20 years, Members of DriverFacts receive access to a system that streamlines processes across their fleets. The easy-to-use technology helps members maintain accurate data including everything from human resources and recruiting to safety. DriverFacts works as an extension of your own compliance department bringing you money-saving automation.

By providing the required DOT safety performance information to other carriers on former truck drivers in a simple, cost-effective and timely manner, this useful tool relieves our clients of the time-consuming task of handling all of these requests themselves. The service saves endless hours of work for carriers and satisfies regulatory requirements.

DriverFacts solutions takes care of complicated processes so your team can focus on safety.  These solutions include the Drug and Alcohol Manager, SMARTSystem, DriverPortal, and more. To ensure your company stays compliant, the DriverFacts system uses live data updates and checks releases for accuracy and compliance. Our paperless storage and archiving system simplifies responses to audits, surveys and potential lawsuits, giving you more peace of mind. 

Our Drug & Alcohol Manager simplifies the management and documentation of the drug and alcohol testing process. This includes automatic list generation for random testing, collection tracking with real-time updates and compliance documentation such as DER worksheets and image uploading.

DriverFacts provides the custom automation and instant ROI you need. Call 888-844-4730 X803 or visit to learn more about the significant benefits your company will have by becoming a member of DriverFacts.


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