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Clearinghouse Annual Limited Query Deadline – Are you ready?

It’s that time of year - are you ready to run your Clearinghouse Limited queries?

The deadline is coming up quickly. All Clearinghouse Limited annual queries must be completed before January 6, 2021. Do you have everything you need for a smooth operation?

Ensure your query process is successful by following these important steps.

  1. Double check that all drivers have signed a Limited query release form. We recommend having drivers sign this consent form when they are initially hired. If you’re wondering what key information should be in your release form, we’ve created an example to help guide carriers. Work with your legal council to ensure your release matches your company policies.

  2. Create a plan of action for the possibility of a query returning with a violation. Consider removing drivers from the road while a mandatory Full query is run within 24 hours. And remember, should you terminate the driver, an adverse action letter must be sent.

  3. Having a clearly written Clearinghouse policy in place is the best way to ensure that drivers can be held accountable for violations.

  4. Review the regulations 49 CFR 382 Subpart G set forth by the Department of Transportation and know what you are responsible for in the Clearinghouse. All employee drug and alcohol policies and training must comply with 49 CFR 382.601. This means that employees must be properly trained with Clearinghouse procedures and expectations.

  5. Consider running Limited queries more than once a year because of the possibility that your drivers are looking to get hired at other carriers and have submitted to a Pre-Employment drug test. Additional queries will keep you informed if a driver tested positive and a violation is submitted to the Clearinghouse.

  6. We suggest you get started right away. We do not know if the Clearinghouse will handle large amounts of user traffic at the end of the year, so avoid being part of the last minute query rush.

It’s important to understand which drivers are due for an annual query. It’s also important to keep track of the drivers you’ve hired in 2020. Drivers must be queried at least once within a 365-day period based on their hire date, or another 12-month period determined by the employer, as long as the requirements of § 382.701(b) are met.

Another option worth considering is conducting a Limited query at the same time as your annual Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). Creating an annual administrative routine will ensure optimal safety on the road and success with your compliance.

Designating DriverFacts® as your TPA will remove the burden of running queries off your plate. You’ll save time and money while also preventing administrative headaches and backlog. Our low fees will fit into any budget.

DriverFacts® clients are able to relax knowing we have them covered. With notification, driver not verified and resubmit processes in place with our proprietary system, our clients’ fleets are compliant. All data and query returns are securely stored and accessible for audit. Automating your Clearinghouse processes through DriverFacts® will ensure systematic success while receiving the individual customer support and personal connection you can expect from a family-run business.

We are happy to answer any questions about Clearinghouse guidelines and our services; we can be reached at (888) 844-4730 x804.


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